Girls Pack of 3 Minnie Mouse & Daisy Printed 2 Ply Reusable Outdoor Cloth Masks

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Girls Pack of 3 Minnie Mouse & Daisy printed reusable cloth mask in blue, white and grey melange 2 Layered Filtration System Use Cases: Outdoor How to Use Wash your hands before touching your mask When you put on the mask make sure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably around your face While you have the mask on in public places, avoid touching it and replace it if it feels damp Do not wear the mask for more than 6 hours continuously To remove the mask, remove it from behind Do not touch the mask Store away separately in a closed bin,do not touch the front side of the mask Precaution: Always wash your hand with soap and water or sanitise them with alcohol rub before and after using the mask The mask is for individual use ONLY, not to be shared with others to prevent contamination Wear each mask for 6 hours only Warning: Wear each mask for 6 hours only, Isolate mask after use, wash separately at 40 C. Usage instructions & precautions should be followed as recommended Improper usage of the mask may cause health risks Material & Care Cotton Isolate mask after use Wash mask with soap and water / antiseptic liquid after every use

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